Daniel Miremont Has Proven Over The Years

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Daniel Miremont has proven over the years that he can be successful in the business world. This is because of his superior work ethic and integrity. He commits to his work and attempts to learn everything about the industry he is working in.


Daniel Miremont – Works For Compliance EnviroSystems

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Daniel L. Miremont has a proven record of success in business. This is because of a work ethic that far surpasses most of his peers. He now works for Compliance EnviroSystems, LLC. This is a full service sewer evaluation company.


Daniel Miremont worked with a major Baton Rouge general contracting firm for ten years.

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Daniel Miremont is an officer with Compliance EnviroSystems who is in charge of managing general business operations and the coordination of marketing, as well as business development. Miremont is responsible for client interfacing, through which he assists clients in the preparation of grant applications. His record speaks to his success in assisting clients with project implementation where the only funding is grants. His duties as an officer with Compliance EnviroSystems have contributed much to his pool of knowledge concerning business and construction, but he also serves in various capacities with other firms. Generally those firms are engaged in engineering services, which complement Compliance EnviroSystems  services.

Before he joined Compliance EnviroSystems  staff, Daniel Miremont worked with a major Baton Rouge general contracting firm for ten years. During the time he worked at the firm, and under his direction, the firm completed more than $30,000,000 in construction projects. Daniel Miremont’s vast experience and knowledge of the construction industry and business skills allow him to serve as an invaluable officer to Compliance EnviroSystems’ overall success.

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